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Pete Sanders: a life to be sadly mourned and honoured

Post date: 08-February-2022

Wendy Traynor, Mathias Dekeyser, Rab Erskine and Dion Van Werde

It is with great sadness that we have to announce you the death of Pete Sanders, our beloved friend, colleague and member of the Pre-Therapy International Network. He died on Saturday the 5 th of February.

We will forever remember him as the good man he was, each of us having our own memories of him and stories to tell. In case you have met him personally, we are sure you remember him well, as he had this genuine way of connecting and being there.

To many of us, he was a warm and generous, much-loved friend. He attended many Pre-Therapy International Network meetings in Gent, Belgium, and was there one of the driving forces. Always modest and open for other opinions, he nevertheless had a clear view on what was important to him and for what cause he was ready to give his best.

He could be very radical in his fundamental choice for the individual that was in need. He fought for people to be recognized in their individual strength, potential and humanity. He was critical of societal structures that kept injustice and imbalances going, depriving people of their fundamental rights and self-respect, and was in doing so, clearly and fundamentally person-centered.

He actively helped to increase the presence of Pre-Therapy on the world map and encouraged new members to become involved and engage in this effective and innovative approach. He supported and encouraged key pieces of research and academic writing in this area. He offered training in Pre-Therapy to organisations and in universities and other forums, and was an active and developmental part of the network for many years.

PCCS books, where he was based, changed the face of the writing of person-centred experiential therapies and published many works featuring PCT and Pre-Therapy. He published the book “Pre-Therapy” of Prouty, Van Werde and Pörtner (2002), followed by the Pre-Therapy reader “Emerging Developments in Pre-Therapy” (2008). He himself edited “The Contact-Work Primer” (2007), often used in teaching and writing, and was guest editor (with Sommerbeck and Van Werde) of the special issue on Pre-Therapy for the World Journal’s “Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies” (2015). See for references at the site of the network The list of other influential PC-books he supported and published is long.

He was a community member and can be seen as hugely influential in the person-centred therapy movement and specifically in the Pre-Therapy network. He was present in his writing and in his lively and insightful contributions at meetings and international conferences and events.

He is a life to be both sadly mourned and honoured in appreciation for what he has given to us.

New Publication by Dion Van Werde

Post date: 18-October-2021

We are pleased to announce that a new publication written by Dion Van Werde is now available. The article presents Pre-Therapy and grey-zone work alongside a clinical example of someone who shifted into a catatonic state during a session in an occupational rehabilitation programme.

Dion presented this case at this year's annual conference of the GWG, the national German association for Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling.

The details of this publication are below and are also included in the references section of our website.

Van Werde, D. (2021). Prä-Therapie: Halt anbieten bei Kontaktverlust. GWG-Zeitschrift, 3, 11-17.

New website!

Post date: 19-August-2021

Welcome to our brand new Pre-Therapy International Network website. We hope you enjoy the new layout and it is easy to find what you are looking for in relation to Pre-Therapy. Here you can read the latest news stories, explore Pre-Therapy and Contact Work, find out how to get involved with the Network or Discussion List, read about Garry Prouty, discover more about training and workshops, and explore our varied references.

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