2019 Pre-Therapy International Network Meeting

Post date: 09-Jul-2019 19:19:57

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Dear friends and colleagues,

The meeting will take place Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of October, 2019.

As usual, the place to go to is the KARUS psychiatric hospital - campus Gent, located in the village of 9051 Sint-DenijsWestrem, Beukenlaan 20. This small town is situated at the edge of Gent, Belgium. The hospital is there, where we always did the network meetings, and was formerly known as "Sint-Camillus Psychiatric Hospital".

As usual, we start on Friday at 12h with lunch in the cafetaria. The meeting then goes on from about 13h till 17h. Afterwards we go into the town of Gent for dinner.

The following day, we start at about 8h30 and meet till about 16h.

The meeting is very casual and informal. It is meant as a kind of platform for people interested in Pre-Therpy, to share and discuss experiences, questions, projects, research and organisational things. There is room for intervision, presentations and role playing. We decide upon our own agenda, depending on who wants what and how. It would be nice if you prepare something to tell us who you are, what your connection with Pre-Therapy is, and what you offer and would like to get from this year's meeting.

Probably there will be people speaking different languages. Util now, this has never been a problem, since several people master several languages and translation can be taken care of, if wanted or needed.

A mail will be sent out on the discussion list with the costs involved and how to register.

We anyhow try to keep costs at a minimum.

Being a member of the Network gives you a discount.

So, get your calendar out, and start organising your trip to participate, engage, and thus contribute to the deepening, translation and spreading of Pre-Therapy, and help to bring it to the people who really need it.

Garry died 10 years ago, and we really want to make this network meeting a memorable event !

Hope to see you soon!

Dion - coordinator of the Pre-Therapy International Network - on behalf of the Belgian staff Bea Segers, Matthias Dekeyser, Paul Dierick and Jean-Marc Priels.

In attach you find a report of the 2018 meeting.

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