Two publications by Garry Prouty available online

Post date: 02-Mar-2021 10:12:42

Dear members and friends of the Pre-Therapy International Network,

We are happy to announce that we have added two more articles to our list of references. The articles are written by Garry Prouty and were relatively unknown so far. Since they have a weblink, they are easy to access.

They are published in the 'Person-Centered Journal' that is sponsored by the Association for Development of the Person-Centered Approach (ADPCA). Their publications are intended to promote and disseminate scholarly thinking about person-centered principles, practices, and philosophy. Reproduction is granted to libraries, researchers and teachers for scholarly purposes, not to be used for profit.

Enjoy Garry’s writings!

Dion Van Werde, coordinator of the PTINetwork


Prouty, G. (1999). Pre-Therapy: Is it person-centered?: A reply to Jerold Bozarth. Person-Centered Journal. Volume 6, issue 1, 28-31.


Prouty, G. (2000). A rejoinder to person-centered psychotherapy: one nation, many tribes. Person-Centered Journal. Volume 7, issue 2, 125-128.