Person-Centred Therapeutic Practitioner Perspectives on Using Pre-Therapy

Post date: 28-Sep-2020 12:43:41

This study by Keir Ashcroft set out to answer the question 'What are Person-Centred practitioner perspectives on using Pre-Therapy within their practice?'.

The study used a qualitative methodology and took a phenomenological approach to the research process. Semi-structured interviews were held with 5 participants, all qualified Person-Centred therapeutic practitioners, with data analysed using thematic analysis.

Their research suggests that:

  • contact reflections can be useful in establishing psychological contact with clients

  • this can be profoundly rewarding, allowing practitioners to engage with clients in ways that feel respectful and in-keeping with the Person-Centred approach

  • using Pre-Therapy can be an emotionally intense and demanding experience

  • Pre-Therapy has the potential to be used with an even wider range of clients

You can download and read the study in the attachment below.

Ashcroft, K. (2019). Person-Centred Therapeutic Practitioner Perspectives on Using Pre-Therapy. MA thesis: University of Cumbria. [MA in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy].

Ashcroft K 2019 Practitioner Perspectives on Using Pre-Therapy.pdf