Person-Centred practice at the difficult edge

Post date: 30-Jul-2014 18:08:40

This book presents accounts of the practice of the person-centred approach with difficult client groups such as troubled adolescents, and people suffering from a range of severe and/or enduring conditions. Person-Centred Practice at the Difficult Edge comprehensively refutes the notion that person-centred therapy is suitable only for the ‘worried well’, and backs up contemporary practice with appropriate theory and evidence throughout. Intended for student, academic and professional readerships, it aims to help broaden the range of applications of person-centred practice and encourage interest in working with challenging client groups.

Subject areas include Autism, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, dementia, learning disabilities, palliative care, Pre-Therapy, posttraumatic stress and posttraumatic growth, psychotic process, tenuous contact with adolescents, therapist limits.

"Intelligent, skilled, inspiring therapists offer chapters that teach us not only how to be therapists working with those at the ‘difficult edge’ but how to be better therapists with all our clients. This book gives us deep

understanding of often misunderstood clients and the therapist’s inner dialogue in connecting with them." Charles O’Leary, author of The Practice of Person-Centred Couple and Family Therapy

"This book identifies the challenges of contact with certain client groups and particular ‘difficult edges’. Throughout, the contributors hold the notion of empathy as a guiding light; both explicitly and implicitly documenting the profound impact of understanding and acceptance on others and self." Sheila Haugh, Associate Lecturer, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, Czech Republic; Lecturer, Metanoia Institute, London, UK

Contributors: Pamela Bruce-Hay, Mathias Dekeyser, Penny Dodds, Robert Elliott, Jan Hawkins, Stephen Joseph, Danuta Lipinska, David Murphy, Peter Pearce, Hans Peters, Garry Prouty, Anja Rutten, Ros Sewell, Lisbeth Sommerbeck, Sally Stapleton, Wendy Traynor, Dion Van Werde, Margaret Warner

Pearce, P., & Sommerbeck, L. (2014). Person-Centered practice at the difficult edge. Ross-on-Wye, UK: PCCS.

Person-Centred Practice at the Difficult Edge
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