PCEP Special Issue on Pre-Therapy

Post date: 03-May-2016 15:23:10

Yet another milestone in the history and literature of Pre-Therapy ... By the end of 2015, the PCEP journal has published the long awaited special issue on Pre-Therapy and Contact Work. This publication covers theoretical, scientific and practical topics accross the many current applications of Pre-Therapy, as well as an historical overview of its origins and development. It provides a state of the art of the field for those professionals who have heard of Pre-Therapy but are not very familiar with its scope and development. It also offers the Pre-Therapy adept a richness of deep insights and fresh findings.

"This issue of Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies presents Pre-Therapy to the reader with state-of-the-art developments." (Introduction)

This important addition to the literature of Pre-Therapy includes the following contributions:

  • Van Werde, D., Sommerbeck, L., & Sanders, P.: Introduction to the special issue on Pre-Therapy.

  • Swan, K. L., & Schottelkorb, A. A.: Contact work in child-centered play therapy: a case study.

  • Courcha, P. : “She’s talking to me!” Training home carers to use Pre-Therapy contact reflections: an action research study.

  • Erskine, R.: Meeting Vincent: reconnections from behind the wall – Pre-Therapy in a psychiatric unit context.

  • Štěpánková, R.: The experience with a person with autism. Phenomenological study of the experience with contact and contact reflections.

  • Proctor, G.: A review of “Person-Centered practice at the difficult edge,” edited by Peter Pearce and Lisbeth Sommerbeck.

The whole issue and pdf-versions of its articles can be ordered online on the website of the PCEP journal.