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Person-centered work and Pre-Therapy contact work in residential psychiatric milieu treatment with elderly

posted May 6, 2012, 3:49 PM by Administrator   [ updated Nov 14, 2012, 6:02 AM by Mathias Dekeyser ]
In this article, attention is first directed to milieu therapy as it may be elaborated upon in working with people of old age in a psychiatric hospital. Based on the work of Marlis Pörtner (1998; 2008), this contribution centers on a description of how a person-centered approach might be applied within this milieu therapeutic framework. This description is guided by the familiar therapeutic relational core conditions from the client-centered approach. Finally, Pre-Therapy contact work (Prouty, Van Werde, & Pörtner, 2001; Sanders, 2007) and its application in this setting are considered.

This article was first published in the Dutch journal on client-centered psychotherapy (Tijdschrift Cliëntgerichte Psychotherapie 2010, volume 48, nr. 4), where it is part of a special issue on (client-centered) psychotherapy with elderly people. Together with other articles of this journal it can also be consulted via the website This website contains an 'English site section' where - in English - all contributions and their summaries can be found" (Full text is only in the original Dutch language available).

Dierick, P. (2010). Persoonsgericht werken en Pre-Therapeutisch contactwerk op een psychiatrische afdeling met ouderen. Tijdschrift Cliëntgerichte Psychotherapie, 48, 327-347. Retrieved April 2, 2011, from

Keywords: person-centered work, therapy and care, with and for the elderly, Pre-Therapy, (Pre-Therapy) contact work, gerontopsychiatry/geriatric psychiatry, milieu therapy